Drug Counseling in Philadelphia

What is Drug Counseling in Philadelphia, PA?

Our drug counseling program is designed to provide a therapeutic approach for helping our clients combat against addiction. Our team of counselors and therapists work with our clients to provide them with effective treatment, as well as their loved ones. Our drug counseling program addresses the symptoms of addiction and impaired functioning associated with addiction and supplements the effectiveness of a client’s ongoing recovery. Our drug counseling sessions have a clear structure, however they are always structured around our client’s unique needs. We generally allow our client’s to determine the content of discussion, this offers them the opportunity to openly discuss any challenges they may be facing. We go above and beyond to effectively address our client’s unique needs at any point during their course of treatment, whether it may be through counseling or medication. The ultimate goals of our drug counseling program at Drug Rehab Philadelphia are as follows:

  • Assist our clients in achieving and maintaining abstinence from addictive substances and behaviors
  • Assist clients in recovering from the damage caused by their addiction 

Our drug counseling program focuses on the following:

  • Behavioral change
  • Principles of the 12 Step approach
  • Tools for complete recovery
  • Self-help participation 

Our drug counseling program is just one of the various effective treatment approaches we utilize at Drug Rehab Philadelphia. Our addiction recovery services are designed to help each of our clients achieve a long lasting recovery from addiction. Our clients will be provided with the most effective individualized treatment plan tailored to meet their unique needs. Our rehab center is set in a luxurious resort style setting which also offers clients a host of plus amenities. If you or a loved one are currently seeking help for addiction, Drug Rehab Philadelphia can help you! Call our 24/7 hotline now at (267) 351-8139 to speak with a representative about how to get started with your recovery.


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How Can Drug Counseling in Philadelphia, PA Make Your Addiction Treatment More Effective?

Medication alone cannot solely treat addiction in an effective way. A combination of medication and psychotherapeutic approaches are the recipe for an effective and successful addiction treatment. At Drug Rehab Philadelphia we implement the approach of drug counseling as a means to help our clients achieve a complete recovery. Drug counseling is very important during addiction treatment. Most addictions cause individuals to have more than just a physical dependence. Therefore, once a physical dependence is cured there are still other factors that need to be addressed as well. Addicts are at really high risk for relapse, generally relapse is caused by psychological and social factors. Many addicts relapse due to sudden stress, being amongst an environment that encourages drug use, and being a part of a social network with individuals who continue to use drugs. Factors like so make causes individuals to experience irresistible urges to use drugs. Fortunately, our drug counseling program educates our clients on how to cope with cravings and life’s stressors without using drugs, as well as how to avoid triggers that result in relapse. We offer a multitude of counseling services including individualized therapy sessions and group therapy sessions. Each of our client’s treatment plans and drug counseling services will be individualized to cater to the client’s unique needs. 

Drug Counseling at Drug Rehab Philadelphia Promotes Complete Healing and Recovery

At Drug Rehab Philadelphia our drug counseling approach utilizes a multitude of techniques to assure this approach improves treatment success. We are dedicated to ensuring our clients with a complete and long lasting recovery from addiction. The goal of our drug counseling approach is to promote the following:

  • Improve motivation to complete the recovery process

Commonly individuals with an addiction tend to resist recovery and they also enter into treatment with the wrong attitude for recovery. Our drug counseling program intends to keep all of our clients highly motivated throughout their recovery treatment and upon completion of treatment in our program. Motivation is essential for a successful and long lasting recovery. 

  • Instruction on the essential skills for ending addiction and avoiding relapse

When an individual becomes addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, it can be very difficult to get them to stop using or prevent relapse after cessation of use. During our drug counseling program our clients will learn why they experience cravings and how to cope with craving, how to avoid people and places that promote drug and/or alcohol use, and how to cope with the triggers that can potentially lead to relapse. Relapse is not uncommon in recovering addicts, however if clients are properly educated on how to combat against it, they can prevent relapse altogether or bounce back from it immediately. Specialized programs like treatment for alcoholism in Philadelphia are essential in understanding the many nuances of conquering certain addictions; in drug counseling, patients with varied types of substance use disorders learn exactly how to best combat cravings and and stave off relapse indefinitely.  

  • Use positive incentives to promote participation in treatment and to reward recovery progress

Addiction recovery can be a very timely process, research has even proven that longer recovery treatment regimens result in higher success rates. However, the longevity of treatment can cause clients to become discouraged and unmotivated. In order to promote continuous participation we offer our clients a variety of incentives, as well as amenities. We also reward our clients when they’ve reached certain progress levels as a means to keep them motivated and encouraged during their time of recovery. Incentives and rewards are positive reinforcements which keep our clients dedicated to their complete recovery. 

  • Implement the involvement of loved ones within the course of treatment

At Drug Rehab Philadelphia our drug counseling program promotes the involvement of our clients loved ones during their course of treatment. We implement involvement of family members to keep our clients motivated and to reestablish the bond between the recovering addict in their loved ones. Generally, the loved ones of an addict are unaware of what addiction is and its effects, so this is also our opportunity to educate the loved ones of addicts  

  • Encourage participation in recovery support groups

Our drug counseling program at Drug Rehab Philadelphia always encourages our clients to continue with recovery support groups upon completion of treatment at our rehab center. We encourage clients to attend 12-step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). These type of support group meetings provide recovering addicts with a valuable support system and help them manage their recovery after treatment has been completed.


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You Can Be Confident Our Counselors Will Provide You with The Most Effective Drug Counseling Techniques

The members of our drug counseling program are all certified professionals who are highly qualified to provide you with effective drug counseling. The techniques we utilize in our drug counseling program at Drug Rehab Philadelphia primarily focuses on helping recovering addicts change their way of thinking and living in order to successfully cease use of drugs and/or alcohol. Our counseling staff’s ultimate objective is to help clients develop and maintain a healthy and productive life. During the course of drug counseling sessions, each of our counselors will provide the following:

  • Encourage clients to admit and accept that they suffer from addiction
  • Address the signs and symptoms of addiction that are relevant to the client’s own addiction
  • Educate clients on how to recognize and combat against urges to use addictive substances
  • Equip clients with the essential tools needed for achieving and maintaining recovery
  • Provide clients with encouragement and motivation
  • Monitor and encourage client’s progress of sobriety
  • Hold client’s accountable and openly discuss any episodes of relapse and discourage future relapse
  • Assist clients in identifying scenarios where they used drugs to cope with stress and educate them on how to effectively cope with stress without using drugs
  • Assist clients in developing and creating effective problem solving strategies
  • Introduce and encourage regular participation in the 12 Step approach programs
  • Help clients recognize and change attitudes and behaviors that triggers relapse
  • Provide clients with support and encourage clients to develop their own network of support and coping skills at home and within their communities

As a prominent addiction treatment center in Philadelphia, Drug Rehab Philadelphia offers drug counseling sessions which will address a variety of subjects related to recovery from addiction, including but not limited to: cravings, stress management, finance management, employment, spirituality, structuring personal time, self-help, and how to develop a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

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Now Is The Time To Seek Help for Your Addiction!

If you or a loved one are currently battling against addiction, now is the time to get started with your recovery. At Drug Rehab Philadelphia we offer drug counseling services which effectively help addicts address their underlying issues, we also involve family members to reestablish broken bonds. Overcoming addiction can be very challenging, however at Drug Rehab Philadelphia we treat addiction on multiple levels and utilize a multitude of treatment approaches to make your recovery process feel easier and more attainable. You can be confident that you’ll be provided with the highest quality and most effective treatment at our drug rehab. We can provide you with an affordable individualized treatment plan that will assist you in achieving and maintaining a long lasting recovery from addiction. To get started on your path to recovery, call our 24/7 hotline now to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives about how to get started! Call us now at (267) 351-8139.


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