A person from Hazleton, was secretly running a large scale, illegal laboratory to make his own synthetic drugs in his community, reports Standard Speaker.

Martin J. Kelly had about 50 or so kilograms of ecstasy in his possession in a secret lab in his home when he was arrested on Monday July 27,2015. In addition to the drugs, he also had over $30,000 with him. Kelly was incriminated for making MDMA, an amphetamine derivative, in his home in the Green Ridge section of Hazle Township in Pennsylvania.

MDMA is a counterfeit drug also known as “Molly” or “ecstasy.”  Officials say laboratories that produce MDMA have high potential to cause explosions and are highly dangerous. Labs making these drugs are said to be fire hazards and can release harmful effluvium. Kelly was incarcerated at Luzerne County Correctional Facility after he didn’t fulfill the $1,000,000 bond appointed to him by Judge Joseph J. Carmody.

3133108_sMartin J. Kelly was arraigned with criminal offenses for tenure of antecedent chemicals, risking calamity and a double count to produce, distribution or custody with motives to produce or distribute a designer drug and a criminality count of having a controlled substance in his possession. The Hazleton code enforcement office acknowledged that Kelly is presented as the owner of a nightclub called Pulse, although another man supposedly owns the club. Pulse was shut down in 2014 by reason of health code encroachment. The code office says the building allowance is awaiting the results of an inspection by the health commission.

Apprehension paperwork says the chief law officers performed an examination and apprehension authorization at Kelly’s residence as part of the investigation. The amount of articles found inside the home coincided with the production and administration of MDMA. Investigators found dosages of MDMA, safrole oil, glass containers, scales, heat supplies and after effect from the chemicals found in the house. Electronics were also confiscated from the home to be analyzed.

“ The lab was one of the largest discovered in recent memory within the state,” according to the attorney general’s office, as reported by Standard Speaker.

Almost one block in relation to the home was closed off from the public and car passage due to the investigation. Officials redirected traffic and restricted bystanders from getting too close to the home for their safety. The area was blocked off by yellow cautionary tape as investigators worked into the morning of Tuesday July 28,2015. Police were led to Kelly’s residence by a phoned in tip.

Surrounding residents were surprised and relieved when the news surfaced. The chemicals storage and transportation is being carefully monitored.



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