Police can no longer afford to be equipped with the life saving drug Naloxone or Narcan. Since police can’t pay for the antidote, drug companies and pharmacies may have to take one for the team, says the Sharon Herald.

A study conducted by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania claims that not many police facilities have a ready supply of Narcan, the drug that can reverse the effects of an opiate overdose. Recently the state legalized the use of Narcan for police officers and on the scene first responders. An additional new law lets relatives of drug users have Narcan on hand in case of an overdose incident. Police all over the country have a limited supply of the antidote causing the product to be in high demand resulting in the increased price.

The president of the Drug and Alcohol Service Providers of Pennsylvania, Deb Beck, says the impact fee is an adequate idea because of the connection between opioid abuse, the rise in heroin abuse, and overdose deaths. People with addictions to prescription opiates turn to heroin when they can no longer afford the medication or when their prescription runs out. Beck feels like drug companies should help fund the supply of NArcan for police officers and first responders.

“Wouldn’t you think the drug companies that are making money off of prescription drugs should pay for the cost of the antidote? I think they should do it,” Beck says, as reported by the Sharon Herald.

At least 8 out of the 10 police departments have been called to an overdose in the previous year, as stated by a survey conducted by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania. They surveyed over 400 police chiefs who equally said their departments do not supply naloxone. The states’s Narcan deficiency needs to be corrected quickly in response to the overdose history. Authorities in Pennsylvania are called to at least one or more overdoses per month, the survey proves that officers are the first of the emergency first response team to arrive on the scene. Drug companies should definitely provide funding for police departments to carry naloxone if they want their product to make a difference.

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