Addiction Treatment in Philadelphia

What is Addiction and How Drug Rehab Philadelphia Can Help You?

Addiction is defined as a chronic brain disease that causes individuals to continuously engage in excessive drug use despite the harmful effects and consequences it causes. Addiction has the capability to affect one’s mental and physical health, as well as financial and social aspects of their lives. Addiction can be so powerful that it begins to control your life, once you become an addict you essentially lose self control. Addiction is affecting the lives of millions of users and those around them, however all addictions are not adequately treated. Similar to other diseases, addiction can be treated and result in complete recovery. However the first step in getting started in recovering from addiction is accepting the addiction and seeking treatment for your addiction. Also, it is important to seek help at an addiction treatment center which utilizes addiction treatment methods that cater to your needs. At Drug Rehab Philadelphia we cater to each client individually and create customized plans that best suit their needs to accomplish recovery from addiction.

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Getting Addiction Treatment in Philadelphia

Despite millions being affected by addiction, only a small percentage of addicts seek and receive treatment. Addiction treatment can be very beneficial in helping you successfully overcome an addiction.The primary goal of addiction treatment is typically focused on helping individuals achieve sobriety and prevent relapse. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you may opt for addiction treatment in an outpatient or inpatient setting. There are a variety of addiction treatments, there are even specially designed addiction treatments for young adults. Generally addiction treatment centers offer programs which are comprised of several approaches including one on one or group psychotherapy sessions, self-help groups such as Narcotics Anonymous, and medical treatment for symptoms associated with withdrawal. Although the ultimate goal of addiction treatment is to produce complete cessation of drug use, the first steps are geared towards:

  • Reduction of drug use
  • Improving overall bodily functioning
  • Treat any medical issues associated with drug use
  • And to reduce the consequences associated with drug use, especially physically, mentally, and socially

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Addiction Treatment Methods

Addiction treatment methods are most effective when there are a combination of approaches working together to help patients achieve full recovery from addiction

Addiction treatment best practices are ones which implement evidence-based services such as psychotherapy and medication. Effective treatment methods will provide always provide adequate medical and support service to it’s patients. Without effective treatment methods, addiction treatment can result in a failed or short lived recovery. Addiction treatment methods should implement the use of:

  • Psychotherapeutic approaches
  • Medication
  • 12-step approach
  • Support Services
  • Strategies for relapse prevention


With time and the proper treatment, overcoming addiction is possible!

How Long Does It Take To Overcome Addiction?

The amount of time it takes to overcome an addiction varies across users, their drug usage and the longevity of their drug use. Some addictions can be healed within a matter of months, while others can take years. In order most addiction treatments to be effective they should last a minimum of 90 days. If you have a severe addiction, a short term fix won’t produce a successful recovery. Healing takes time, in recovery from addiction recovering addicts should give themselves an adequate amount of time to recover. Recovery from addiction is attainable with adequate treatment, support, and allotment of time. Join our addiction treatment program now to overcome your addiction, now is the time to get started!


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Why is Addiction Treatment Important?

Trying to quit on your own or using the “cold turkey” approach can be dangerous. When seeking to recover from an addiction it is best to seek medically facilitated treatment. Once an addiction is recognized it is important to get it treated immediately. Addiction is very dangerous and can cause harmful, or even fatal consequences. It is best to seek addiction treatment before you hit rock bottom or before it’s too late and your life is lost at the hands of your addiction. Addiction treatment can help individuals attain a successful and complete recovery from an addiction. Also, addiction treatment is an essential factor of encouraging and promoting patients to not only achieve sobriety, but to also stay sober. Addiction treatment has the power to help recovering addicts get their lives back on a healthy track.





We Can Help!

If you’re in Philadelphia, PA or it’s surrounding areas and wondering “Are there addiction treatment centers near me?” The answer is yes! There are many addiction treatment centers that are readily available for enrollment, however you should always choose an addiction treatment program that addresses and treats your unique needs. At Drug Rehab Philadelphia we provide each patient with a customized plan designed for their specific addiction and unique needs. If you or a loved one may be suffering from an addiction and would like to gain further information on addiction treatment and how to get started in our drug rehab program call us today.


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